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Griffith High School
30 Reasons *NOT* To Be In A Play

Written By: Alan Haehnel

Stage kisses, pinkeye, inciting World War III -- these are only a few of the many things that can go wrong during the production of a play. 30 Reasons *NOT* To Be In A Play provides a full evening of the horrors and hardships that befall those who feel the call of the stage. In a series of hilarious examples, this play proves that drama can be a very dangerous thing and it must be avoided at all costs.

Directed By: Jenna Candiano & Maggie Rivera

Set & Technical Director: Jim Graff

Costume Director: Shannon Scheidel

November 10th-12th, 2017

General Admission: $9.50

Kids (2-12yrs) & Seniors: $7.50

Wheelchair accessible.

We will be selling concessions, show shirts, and 50/50 raffle during our full show run.

Look for our Snapchat geofilter before and after shows, and during intermission!

Griffith High School Auditorium
601 North WIggs Street
Griffith, IN 46319

Full Cast List

Kavresha Walls: Misty, Dara

Amari Harris: Miss Griswold, Sammy

Kylee Grumbles: Sharon, Jess

LaDurian Hawthorne: Alan, Reed

Maddie Nolan: Emily, Sammy's Sister

Laura Reid: Jane, Tabitha's Mom, Kim

Zack Ingram: Stewart, Tabitha's Brother

Alyssa Dragomer: Julie, Sammy's Mom

Kyle Rassal: Rob, Jake

Jesse Rosario: Doug, Greg

Casandra Gallivan: Susie, Baby

Katie Bilka: Megan, Becca

Gio Johnson: Bill, Gordon

Tyler Smith: Weatherman, Joe

Trinity Denny: Television Reporter

Skylar Davenport: Cecily, MOM 2

Nina Mendoza: Saundra, Chris's Mom

Chucky Murphy: Nick, Flame

Harry Pala: Uncle Ned, Nitro

Olivia Halley: Aunt Blanche, Alana

Shawn Graham: Cousin Skippy, John, Pyro

Vincent Zarndt: Uncle Stewart, Jess's Dad

Christina Dorsey: Great Aunt Gladys, Lisa

Skye Isenblatter: Pam

Jackie Bobos: Pam's Mom, Mia

John Vega: Mr. Gray, Nate

Shawn Falstrom: Zach, Norm, Mr. Morton

Cameron Bobos: Chris, Tom

Emma Loomis: Tabitha

Storm Fleming: Nora

Grace Wothke: Mandy, Tabitha's Neighbor

Justin Walton: Sammy's Dad, Director Frankenburg

Max Mclean: Mort

Sammi Rettie: Dal

Production List

Production Assistants: Amari Harris & Shawn Falstrom

Stage Managers: Max Mclean & Angel Meyer

Properties Manager: Sam Pelot

Student Sound & Lighting Director: Jake Diamond

Student Costume Directors: Caelyn Aranda, Sarah Thomas, & Abby Wroblewski

Student Hair & Makeup Directors: Zoe Dieguez & Molly Mills


Set & Stage Crew

Annabel Castellanos, Kirsten Eddwards, Ryan Davenport, Erica Dross, Kyle McCarter,

Nicole McCarter, Melanie Meyer, Lacy Shipp, Marissa Walter, Dominique Reed, 

Stephen Kunka, & Damian Villapondo


GLS (Lights & Sound)

Stephanie Lester, Jake Diamond, Collin Meadows, Gabby Quintana, Mary Lesko, & Lily Desler


Hair & Makeup

Bekka Rex, Briah Strezo, Brianna Paulsen, Anna Dybel, April Mendoza, KG Batts, & Hayley Ratliff

Sale Closed: 11/12/17 at 3:15 pm